Occupational Skills Certification (CCL)

Increasing opportunities for lifelong learning for industry workers and making them more employable led SalmonChile to join the Occupational Skills Certification (CCL) initiative as a way of formally acknowledging the experience, knowledge, skills and attitudes that workers develop during their careers.

In Magallanes, over the years, the program has certified workers from association member companies in some of the 21 occupational profiles (PO) accredited by "ChileValora" (Chile Values), in the areas of farming and processing:


  • Feedlot Center Operator
  • Smolt Center Operator
  • Smolt Cultivation and Growth Supervisor
  • Nursery operator
  • Roe Operator
  • Hatchery Supervisor
  • Aquaculture Diver
  • Dive Supervisor
  • Fish Health Assistant
  • Biosafety Assistant


  • Cold Storage Assistant
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Packing Operator
  • Cold Storage Operator
  • Cleaning and Gutting Operator
  • Process Line Operator
  • Slaughter Operator
  • Cold Processing Operator
  • Value-added Operator
  • Line Supervisor
  • Quality Assistant

The CCL gives workers in this industry greater employability and professional standing, pride, recognition and personal satisfaction, and improves their promotion prospects.

After approving a change in the association’s statutes in 2013, SalmonChile was established as an Evaluation Center for Occupational Skills Certification, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to businesses and workers in the industry.