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Sustained population and personal income growth, combined with the need for a healthy diet based on highly nutritious, protein-rich foods, have generated an increasing demand for products prepared to the highest quality and safety standards, and where origin and sustainability can be guaranteed.

Since its inception the Chilean salmon industry has strived to export products of excellence, complying with the most demanding global quality standards to successfully supply three species to more than 70 countries, including leading markets such as Japan, the United States and Brazil.

Annual salmon exports total around US$4.000-million, making it the second largest export product after copper. The Japanese market represents 24% of total exports and is the main destination for Pacific salmon, or Coho, which is sent mainly as HG (headless whole) and frozen. The United States accounts for 32% of total exports and is the main destination for Atlantic salmon, or Salar, which is sent by air as fresh fillets. Finally, Brazil is the third main export market with 13% of total exports were primarily fresh whole salmon is sent overland.

A series of graphs related to salmon and trout exports are available for download here.