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The United Nations has estimated that by 2050 the world's population will reach 9-billion, and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has indicated that by 2030 the steady increase in the world's population will mean finding a further 37-million tonnes of fish, over and above the current 48-million tonnes in current production. While this will meet current levels of per capita consumption, traditional capture fisheries have reached maximum capacity, so responsibly managed fish farming is the only way to meet this deficit in the future.

According to Chilean Customs Authorities, Chilean exports are divided into 5000 product categories, of which 1000 are foodstuffs exported to 182 countries. Of this total, 10% comes from the salmon industry, which has transformed itself over the last 20 years into a global salmon producer, supplying a third of worldwide production, preceded by Norway, and followed by the United Kingdom and Canada.

Over the last 20 years the salmon industry, through its dynamism and successful partnerships, has been a consistent driver of national export growth. In 2012 salmon accounted for 3.7% of total Chilean exports after copper, 75% of total exports from the south, and more than 20% of total Chilean food exports, generating 60,000 direct and indirect jobs.

The FAO believes that the aquaculture industry not only helps to reduce hunger and malnutrition by supplying a food rich in proteins, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, but also improves food safety, creates jobs and increases personal income. Norwegian analysts, Kontali Analyse, predicted that as of 2013 Chile will represent 27% of world salmon production, while Norway will continue to lead with 52%.

Official information and figures on the salmon aquaculture industry, in both the productive and health areas, can be downloaded below.

Growth in Production by Species

Salar Coho salmon Rainbow trout King salmon Total (TONS)
2005 385.779 102.494 122.962 2.904 614.139
2006 376.476 118.221 150.608 1.958 647.263
2007 331.042 105.477 162.406 1.910 600.835
2008 388.847 92.317 149.411 72 630.647
2009 203.067 133.308 149.741 596 486.712
2010 122.744 114.338 215.367 452.449
2011 264.354 159.585 224.569 648.508
2012 398.316 159.745 262.674 820.735
2013 490.300 148.100 153.800 792.200

Source: Sernapesca.

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