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Corporate Social Responsibility

Bearing in mind that the salmon industry depends on every member of its workforce, SalmonChile actively invests in its staff, their families and community by promoting projects and supporting initiatives on an ongoing basis in an effort to improve their circumstances.

Confident of the success of these initiatives, the association is committed to both its workers and its investment programs, and over the years the association and its member companies have backed a variety of community projects in the La Araucanía, Los Lagos y Aysén regions.

In 2011 the Social Development Ministry and the Solidarity and Social Investment Fund (FOSIS) presented an award to The Salmon Network from "Juntos por Un Chile sin Pobrezas” (Together for a Poverty-Free Chile) for its Corporate Social Responsibility assistance programs.

"Corporate Social Responsibility 2012" Prize

During 2012 eight association member companies competed for The Best Spirit of Corporate Social Responsibility within the industry. After a public vote online, Skretting won with its "Support for Local Charities" program, receiving recognition from SalmonChile for its support for the community, its employees and its active local participation.


Initiative: "Community Engagement". Aysén.

The program includes entertainment, sport, education, social action and trade events as well as celebrating the community’s anniversary. One of its trade initiatives, "Salmon Sales Direct to the Community", has been managed by the workers’ union since 2007 in Puerto Aysen and since 2012 in Coyhaique.

Initiative: “Corporate Health Promotion Award”. Puerto Montt.

Aislapol was given an award in 2012 by the Health, Labor and Social Development Ministries for its "Corporate Health Promotion". It received the award for a five-year integrated, preventative health program launched for its employees and families. The program centers around healthy eating and exercise, an anti-smoking awareness campaign, alcohol and drug abuse prevention, and mental and environmental health initiatives.

Initiative : "Working Together to Overcome Poverty" . Calbuco.

Since 2012 Biomar has been involved in a program to dismantle Camp Vista Hermosa, in Calbuco in the Los Lagos region, and provide its residents with decent, permanent housing. Besides relocating the camp’s 70 at-risk families, the program set up training programs such as hairdressing, tailoring and embroidery to help the breadwinners earn an independent income.

Initiative: "Mainstream Chile Fully Committed". Los Lagos Region.

The company encourages and supports social and community sport through training schools, rural football, and 5-a-side football games in the communities where Cermaq has operations. In 2012 four sports projects were implemented which involved trade unions, workers, their families and neighbors, bringing together more than a thousand people.

Initiative: "Marine Partner: Development, Management and Control Systems for Contracting Companies".

Since 2006 Marine Harvest has run a special program to centralize employment, pensions, and occupational health and safety information of all sub-contractors and service companies supplying Marine Harvest. They are also advised on training and legal issues on employment. The initiative was uploaded onto its virtual platform in 2012.

Initiative: "Publication of Benefits to Employees and their Families". Oxxean.

In order for employees to familiarize themselves with company benefits and procedures, in 2012, the company provided all its vessels with its HR material, including detailed advice on working procedures, risk prevention, availability of safety equipment, benefits etc.

Initiative: "Support for Local Charities". Los Lagos Region.

In 2010 Skretting set up a social committee to support three charities dedicated to helping children living in poverty and neglect. The aim of the project is to improve their quality of life, and promote a culture of respect and solidarity among its employees.

Every year they host a variety of events and celebrations (birthdays, Children's Day, Easter, Independence Day, and Christmas); supply school materials; present awards to primary and secondary school graduates; collect old clothes; donate firewood, and run summer and winter vacation programs.

Initiative: "Entrepreneurs in Hornopiren".

The area’s unique geographical conditions and the lack of specialist craftsmen in Huailahue, capital of the Los Lagos Region, prompted professionals in the company and members of professional volunteer upliftment organization, Trascender Foundation, to offer a voluntary program to train 15 entrepreneurs from the Hornopiren Craftsmen’s Association. Training focused on areas such as leadership and self-improvement, business management, digital literacy, and product design and presentation.

The Social Development Ministry presented Ventisqueros with the "More for Chile" award in 2012 and 2013, for the company’s contributions in this extreme area of the country.

Designs made by these artisans can be bought at the Ventisqueros shop in Puerto Montt.