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Salmon Farming

The salmon industry in Chile has succeeded largely due to a willingness to embrace innovation, new technologies and applied science, as well as a commitment to strengthening our workforce and an ongoing public-private partnership.

We have a strong regulatory framework which governs all production of Atlantic salmon (Salar), Pacific salmon (Coho) and rainbow trout, and ensures the sustainability of our environment. We are aware that economic, social and environmental sustainability are the main challenges facing our industry.

Our production processes comply with some of the strictest national and international standards with regards to quality, occupational health and safety, food safety and the environment.

We are Chile’s second largest export sector, and Chile is the second largest producer of salmon globally. We have created more than 70,000 direct and indirect jobs in the regions of La Araucanía, Los Lagos, Aysén y Magallanes, and successfully cater to more than 70 markets across the world.