Companies in this sector have been certifying their compliance with various private standards to meet the stringent market requirements for Chilean salmon, and to comply with continuous improvement policies.  The aim being to comply with production quality standards, and improve the sustainability and positioning of Chilean salmon.

Compliance is certified on a voluntary basis. However, this is frequently required by customers in its target markets, to ensure that the product complies with the required quality. Furthermore, compliance with these standards helps to standardize and improve salmon productive and processing systems, by requiring improvements to productive areas and other aspects, such as health and environmental sustainability and safety conditions for employees.

Percentage of salmon produced to ASC standards 0%1%6% 13%14%
Percentage of salmon produced to BAP standards 39%36%45%47%59%
Percentage of salmon produced to Global GAP standards 50%47%41%50%36%
Percentage of all certified salmon 77%73%69%69%74%